Music Instrumental Museum

Internship at the concert hall

October 2022 - June 2023

When I had finished my internship at Klara (VRT) in my final undergraduate year, I decided to voluntarily do a second one in my master's at the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) in Brussels. There, I helped with the concert hall before, during and after concerts organised by different organisations. I prepared the venue for the musicians and the audience. I welcomed the guests and assisted them in finding seats. In short, I was the focal point of the MIM when concerts took place.

I worked with some amazing people that I would like to thank such as Annelien Verbeek, my internship coordinator, Ramona Maria, a colleague and dear friend, Anne-Marie Saquet and the other colleagues from the Concerts du Midi, and the people from the CPE festival. I am so grateful to have met and worked with such inspiring and kind people. 

I also met some amazing musicians and artists during my internship. They also inspired me deeply.