Music, photography, interests. That's me. My portfolio includes some of my compositions, photographs and academic papers from my education. 


Music has always inspired me. Music does not stimulate sight or touch but a whole other sense. Hearing sounds, music or even silence opens a whole other dimension that puts the listener in a sort of trance. Music is not just entertainment or beautiful, it is an aid, a cure. It opens up your mind or lets you dream away for a moment and forget about everything. It is a medium where people come together.

Music is a universal language.  


Everybody observes the world differently. Photography is a fascinating way of showing this to the world. For me, photography is not just capturing a landscape or a face; it is a subjective view of the things and people in your environment. What every photograph makes so unique and special, is the extra touch I try to incorporate. They are not just pictures. I invite people into my mind and into my world, into my colours and senses. 


During my time at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and the University of Oslo (Norway), I wrote several research papers concerning musicology and art studies. These topics reflect my interests and passions. 

Currently I am writing my master's thesis about the notion of silence in sound art.